BT Inc. is a very reputable transportation company offering great opportunities for gainful employment, now going on 30 years. The field of those opportunities encompasses a wide range of jobs for everyone from the most experienced drivers and maintenance technicians through entry level support and driving personel. BT Inc believes in and practices a family oriented atmosphere where every employee is given the upmost respect, fair consideration at every level, proper training for the work required, a proven culture of safety first always and a compensation and benefit package well suited to the industry.

Our drivers conduct a variety of dry and liquid, bulk hauls of both hazardous and non-hazardous commodities. There are available local and over the road driving positions open at both terminal locations. Maintenance employees work in shops very well designed and equipped for heavy truck and trailer upkeep and repair. Conditions there are clean and comfortable with proper supervision that cares for every employee's safety and well being. The company's equipment speaks for itself; when the equipment is idled or ready for replacement there is high demand for it on the private and commercial markets.

In closing, if you would appreciate working with a great group of folks at a fine outfit, give us a call, an email or complete one of the provided applications. Upon successful review of the application which includes necessary credentials, background checks and skill level assessments for the job, BT Inc. would love to include you in our family.

Clair Anderson
President and CEO
BT Inc.